Yoga playground

Yoga playground…

The beauty of yoga practice, whichever form it may takes, whichever 'lineage' you follow, is the endless opportunities for Learning. The body is ever changing, the mind is ever changing, the breath is ever flowing and the world around us is in constant movement. No matter how far you are in the practice, even the repetition of the most basic posture can lead to discovery. Discovery of the body, as the muscles strengthen and open, some 'new' muscles awakens, a deeper connection with oneself arises and a heightened sensitivity of body and breath occurs. Every time you practice a posture it is an occasion to 'play' with it, wiggle the toes, move the ankles around, squeeze and realease muscles, move the shoulders in different ways and watch the effects on the body, see how micromovements change the experience of the posture. Play with the breath, change the rythme, fast, slow, long and short, expand the chest, breath through your belly, observe the change in the body, the mind, explore the deep connections between mind body and breath. You have all the answers, trust and believe in yourself, explore for yourself in that moment of practice. Only then you will access true understanding from self realisation.

There is always space to refine the posture, physically but more so mentally and spiritually as you move deeper within the layers of your own created self. Progression is infinite, never ending... Even the more obscure lead becomes understandable and obvious. (Have you ever wondered what teachers are bragging about when they say stuff like draw the belly in and up, bring the rib cage in, expand the chest, breath with the entire body...). The intellectually understood concepts and words transform into insight as you use your body as a playground for self discovery.

The practice of yoga is a playground to self realisation. Have fun and enjoy, at the end, there s nothing to be too serious about.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the practice!



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