Yoga Introduction

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Yoga introduction

YOga Introduction is a workshop series made for newbies, curious and sceptics willing to discover yoga. Though a down to earth and scientific approach, we walk through the foundations of Hatha Yoga. The body is a tool for observation leading to understanding the body, the mind, the breath and the existing relationship between the three. The concentration of the mind on a neutral object (the breath), leads the mind to find calm and serenity from the abyss of our physical body.

Thurday 29.09 : Breath and movement. The breath is the key to yoga. If there is no breath awareness, there is no yoga. The breath creates space and stability in the most natural way. In this workshop we learn how to activate the muscles of the breath, practice the relation between the breath and body and how the breath supports the posture. The challenge remains in not forcing into the posture, not forcing the breath but simply step back, watch and surrender to let the posture unfold by itself. 

Thursday 19.10 : Standing postures. Standing postures are the foundations for alignement and brings support to the posture. Maintaining a good posture on a daily basis helps to maintain a relaxed and concentrated mind effortlessly.

Thursday 23.11 : The 6 healthy movement of the spine: A healthy spine is a healthy nervous system. The spine is made out of joints. As every joints in the body, it needs to move to maintain a good balance between strenght to support the body and flexibility to facilitate mobility.  In our modern lives, we spend a lot of time hunched over a computer, sitting in a car, on a chair. It weakens our core and back muscles leading to aches and pain such as hernia, back pain, scoliosis, lordosis...) This workshop aims at restoring the healthy movement of the spine to releif back pain. 

Thursday 21.12: Find your centre : Balances are the perfect mix between strenght and flexibility, mobility and stability. It is in balancing posture that you can dose how much strenght you need to hold the posture will being able to let go to open the body and gain flexibility. That middle point is different from one person to another. By using focus, determination, patience, and observation, you will find out what YOU need to find YOUR balance. Rather than attaining a posture that looks perfect on the outside, find your natural balance, that is a perfect posture.

Every session ends up with a relaxation and a discussion around a nice vegetarian meal made by Pauline.

Places limited (8 pers. Max)

Where: Cafe Culturel "Chez Pauline" 4 rue bavastro.