​The Mindbodyyoga system developped by Ajhan Kim White isn't a new style of yoga but rather a return to the source. Where the modern world divise and categorise yoga into different style, the mindbody yoga system reunites them to combine the essence of the different aspect and put foward the universal dimension of yoga as a breath centered practice. Mind, body and breath and the relationship between one another is explored in different ways. That whole round practice gives a deeper understanding of oneself using the breath as the ultimate tool to bring in to balance the physical, mental and emotional. Beyond the physical aspect, it is a deep exploration of oneself that is emphasized in the teaching through self observation. Honesty, compassion and perseverance in the practice leads to freedom and a glimpse to the ultimate goal of yoga. It is a down to earth approach of yoga as a science of the mind and body and an art of being. It is simply yoga for healthy bodies, sound minds and open hearts.

Classes are hands on and challenging to make a place to progress and inner growth.