Prenatal yoga

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The prenatal yoga class is specifically designed for pregnant women. It accompany expecting mothers throughout their journey of pregnancy and prepares them for delivery. The mother to be can get her body ready to face the natural changes related to the different stages of pregnancy, get her mind ready to delivery, create a bond with her baby and enjoy her pregnancy.

The class build breath and body awareness,  work around postures and finishes with a relaxation.

Asanas (postures) helps to relief pain linked with pregnancy such as back pain, sciatica, bad blood circulation... Working on posture encourages self knowledge, respecting the body. We work along three key points:

Strengthening to prepare the body with weight gain and relieving back pain.

Hip opening and pelvic floor elasticity to prepare for delivery.


As we move on from one session to another, we find harmony between body and mind using the breath as a medium.