Thai massage

Thai massage find its origine in chinese and indian medecine. It is a yogi and doctor of the buddha who is known as the founder of Thai massage. Thai massage often refered to as yoga for lazy people is a perfect complement to indian yoga practice. Thai massage works the muscles deeply, lenghten, improve flexibility and mobility of the joints and increase your vitality, reduces stress and brings body and mind in harmony.

Lying on a mat on the floor and fully clothed, the receiver will feel an overall sensation of well being. Rhytmic and harmonious pressure along the energy lines (sen) and stretches similar to yoga asana will relieve muscular tension, leaving the receiver light, relaxed and energised. Even though thai massage is appreciated amongst athletes and sportsman because of the depth of the pressure, it is enjoyed by everyone for its relaxation effects and the sensation of well being that last over a few days after receiveing a massage.

Beyond the physical aspects of thai massage lies a spiritual dimension. Traditionnaly taught and practiced in temples, thai massage is an an act of compassion. Through the hand, the giver will release loving kindness and create a deep connection between the giver and the receiver. The receiver will then be able to let go and surrender to its inner self under the hand of the giver and connect to its inner self.



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