cours de yoga à nice

Stefanie Joyce, 11 Years of daily yoga practice at your service

Stefanie embarked on her yoga journey in 2006. It is in a live in situation with her teacher, Kim White, that stefanie was introduced to the art of yoga.

Stefanie taught at the samadhi centre with kim before flying to Asia where she deepened her practice in Nepal and India before settling in Thailand for 3 years. Currently in France, Stefanie teaches privates, group classes and workshops in Nice to share the secret of a happier and sereine life through yoga. She teaches from personnal experience as a student and a teacher. Her teachings are breath centred to establish a strong connection between body and mind, awakening the dormant body lying in the unconscious. The teachings take place in a nurturing environment and encourage every student to progress at their own pace, one breath at a time.

Stefanie also trained in traditionnal thai massage which completed and strenghtened her knowledge of the human body and still trains under kim's guidance to enrich her yoga practice