Grounding yourself: parsvottanasana

Grounding in standing postures: parsvottanasana

Standing postures are the most fundamental poses in your yoga practice. They allow you to ground yourself into the physical body. We spend so much time in our head thinking about everything and nothing that we are disconnected to our physical body. Standing posture make that reconnection to ourselves possible. They also train the mind to focus, help with balance and give rise to a sense of stability. Stability and balance is found at our feet where the arch of our feet has a direct connection with our psoas which has a connection with the diaphragm. In other words, the position and strength of our feet has an impact on our breathing, core and spine. Standing postures help to restore the strength in our feet (cure flat feet) and therefore our overall well being.
Parsvottanasana sets the foundation for healthy alignement in the legs and feet while working on balance and core strength.

From standing, step back with the left foot about two shoulder width apart. The arch of the front back should be in line with the heel of the front foot.

Place the hands on the hips to start with.  Take the time to feel the feet pressing against the floor through the 3 points ( the heel, the ball of the big toe and the ball of the little toe). As you press down, the quadriceps are engaging accessing the pelvis, the spine lengthens up.

As you breath out feel the lower belly sucking in and bend forward. Stop half way through.

Take another breath in through the chest to lengthen the spine, press the hip back to its socket and lower on the out breath, as far as you can reach.

Relax the head and neck down.

Release the arms down, let them reach wherever you feel comfortable.

With each inhale expand the chest front and back with each exhale, feel the stomach sucking in and squeeze the abs in, pressing the feet against the floor. The action of pressing the feet allows to gain extra space inside the pelvis a d release tension the lower back and hamstrings. Keeping the lower belly squeezed in will allow to gain extra strength and stability in the posture and keeping the spine safe from injuries.

Experimenting that feeling of strength and stability within the boundaries of our physical body spreads to our consciousness and the sensation of a more grounded life takes place.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the practice!