6 tips to start a regular practice at home

6 tips to start a regular yoga practice at home

Set yourself up for a regular yoga practice, by regular I mean that you do it more days than days you don't.

A regular practice means doing it at the studio with a teacher on a regular basis and take what you have learned home to practice at your on pace. The common mistake is to think that a yoga practice has to be as intense and long than a class you take in a studio with a teacher. IT IS NOT!

Yoga is before everything else the art of breathing, and breathing takes many form.

To make it simple, you need the contact of a teacher for guidance, explaining thing we don't understand, adjustment.... Whatever we have learned in class with a teacher needs to be practiced on a regular basis at our own pace and personalised to our own needs to really get it. 
Now the practice can simply be 2 minutes to start with. The busyness of life can make it hard to find the time for 2hours of yoga every day. And if you have an irregular schedule it can be even harder! The  most important is to be mindful.
The simplest things are often the best!
Get to the core of things, breathing is the core and some simple breath exercice or breath and movement coordination will be a lot more beneficial that a series of out of reach postures. Yoga is internal, even though it doesn't look like it is anymore, what happens inside is way more important and efficient than any outer good looking postures. Take it slow, stay mindful and sensitive to what is happening inside... the rest will come effortlessly and naturally.
Dedicate a space whether it is in your house, office or in a park where you can go to on a regular basis. Leave your mat, put photos, incense or candles, anything to make it inviting and make you want to do the practice.
Create a ritual and make it a habit to go there  for practice. 
Create the habit of a yoga practice, just like you have the habit to brush your teeth or take a shower. For example you can dedicate a regular time when you know you can commit to like mornings before work or evenings, light up a candle or incense or both and take time to center. The practice becomes part of you, the place you have created will hold the energy of your practice, associated with the good feeling you get from it. Just looking at the spot may make you want to go on your mat.
When you are ready move on to the postures. Don't set unexpecting goals. Be honest with yourself, take it step by step. A bit of challenge and effort is good, over exhaustion and overdoing it isn't! It will probably discourage you and take you on the wrong path. Pick 5 postures you need to work on, and engage from deep within the center of your body, coordinate breath and movement and stay mindful.
Whatever you do have fun, discover new things about yourself and your body, don't be discouraged by the obstacles that may come your way but harness them with humility, an open heart, and dedication,  soon enough the light of yoga will shine through.
Thanks for reading, enjoy the practice.