Yoga for everyone: 3 part breathing

Yoga for everyone: 3 part breathing

Before starting any physical practice take the time to settle down. Bring all the busyness of life to silence, mind, body and breath to unisson. The 3 parts breathing is a good way to focus the mind, let go of emotional floods and relax the body. The technique consists of breathing deeply through the belly, the rib cage and the chest.

Seat in a comfortable position, shoulders and neck relaxed, chin slightly tucked in, crown of the head towards the sky.

Simply bring your awareness to the natural flow of breath.

Place your hands on the stomach, with each in breath, fill the belly with air and feel the belly pushing out. On the out breath, feel the belly drawing in as the air leaves the body. Repeat 3 to 5 breath

Place your hands either side of the rib cage. Bring your awareness to the expension and contraction of the rib cage with each in and out breath. Feel the mouvement in the back muscles and all around to the front. Repeat 3 to 5 times

Bring your hand to the chest. Become sensitive to the heart region all the way up to the collar bones expanding as it fills up with air. On the out breath the chest sinks back to neutral. Be careful not to bring the shoulders up to the ears. If it s the case, you may be over doing it, thus creating tension. The breath is deep but natural. Repeat 3 to 5 times

Now let's put it all together. Keep one hand on the stomach, one hand on the chest. On the in breath start filling the body with air from the bottom to the top. Meaning, start filling the stomach then move on to the rib cage and finally the chest. On the out breath, empty the body from the top to the bottom, meaning feel the chest sinking then the rib cage contracting and the belly going in.

Take nice and slow deep breath to feel and focus on each part of the body moving. With each breath, bring the mind and body absorbed in the breath. When you are ready, move on to the asanas, while keeping the mind and body wrapped up in the breath.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the practice !